Syringe Filling Machine

Syringe Filling Machine

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JZGZ-80 automatic pre-washed syringe filling and sealing machine

Product Features:
◆ This machine is suitable for liquid filling and sealing of glass or plastic syringes. Other shapes of syringes can be customized.
◆ The machine can be replaced very few parts in the touch screen can choose 5ml or 10ml, you can complete the 5ml, 10ml syringe filling, to a multi-purpose machine.
◆ two stations simultaneously filling, capping, screw cap, improve production efficiency and finished products pass rate.
◆ Using high-precision ceramic piston pump, and equipped with industrial robots, just set the touch screen to automatically adjust the accuracy of loading, without any tools, each piston pump can be used for minor adjustments.
◆ All parts in contact with liquid are made of 316L stainless steel and medical silicone rubber.
◆ 7-inch color touch screen display all working status. Real-time display vacuum pump pressure, nitrogen pressure, air pressure. Support for multiple languages.
◆ optional nitrogen protection and laminar flow hood
◆ real-time printing process parameter data, save and trace the original data.


The main technical parameters

Overall dimensions


Filling volume

5-10ML (can be customized)

Number of filling heads

2 sets of sets

Production rate

3600-4800 support / hour

Compressed air

0.6MPa 0.3m3/min



main switch

Three-phase five-wire

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