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Technology to upgrade China-made automatic cartoning machine demand is rising

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With the continuous development of China's pharmaceutical industry, increasing types of drugs, pharmaceutical formulations continue to enrich, while the quality of drugs also made higher demands on the degree of emphasis on drug packaging increased significantly, a variety of multi-function automatic cartoning machine Began to be gradually used by pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, the new GMP implementation process, the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the demand for specialized production lines rising, automatic cartoning machine market demand continues to grow.

Although the industry has achieved decent development results, but still faces a lot of development issues. At present, the domestic comparison of the famous drug cartoning machine manufacturers of its products with the technical content of similar foreign products, there is a big gap in market competitiveness, only a slight advantage in the low-end market in the market share Rate, the domestic drug cartoning machine is only about 30% share, the rest of the market are imported products are divided up at present, many large domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers are still using imported drugs automatically cartoning machine based.

Automatic cartoning machine market prospects are undoubtedly very bright, especially the automation, intelligent high-end equipment will be more and more welcomed by the market. Now related businesses need to do is grasp the market opportunities, a substantial increase in the industry's technical strength, improve industrial automation, intelligent degree, to meet a wider range of market demand.

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