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Automatic packing machine industry needs to enhance the quality of attention to innovation

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In the global economic downturn, the Chinese economy and Chinese companies are still sound performance. But for the machinery industry in the automatic packing machine, it is far from so optimistic. Reflected in China's packaging machinery business in the overall packaging machinery technology, service levels and the international leader in the huge gap. Although in recent years. China's packaging machinery industry as a whole has been in progress, still can not bridge the gap.

This gap is not only reflected in product quality, but also in the concept of design, human care, product after-sales service, and how to deal with the crisis attitude and strategy will see the Chinese enterprises from the world's top enterprises gap. To this end China's automatic packing machine business is very important step is to find a leading place in foreign enterprises, to imitate and gradually beyond.

1, to enhance the quality of automatic packing machine

The quality of a top-level enterprise training, including the most important product quality, as well as the process of innovation, service, the degree of social responsibility and so on. Only in these areas go hand in hand, will have outstanding earnings income, expanding the size of the enterprise. This is generally lack of domestic enterprises.

2, innovation ability

In the contemporary economy, the role of innovation in the survival and development of enterprises is becoming increasingly important. The world's top 500 enterprises attach great importance to innovation in general, in research and development of the proportion of investment is relatively large, and the prevalence of China's industrial enterprises technological innovation and development capacity is low, research and development of investment accounted for relatively low, which is also The indirect result of our products in the most advanced technology and the lack of scientific and technological achievements into products for too long.

Of course, there are still many objective factors in these situations. China's overall economic development level is not high. It restricts the development of enterprises from the aspects of capital, market and technology, as well as over-protection of trade policies. World-class large enterprises to compete for power, but also weakened the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. China's automatic packing machine business in order to catch up with the world's top companies, there is still a long way to go.

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