Sideways Automatic packing Machine

JZX-10X Packing One Machine

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JZX-10X automatic boxing one machine side push

product description:
◆ This product has the functions of unpacking, packing, sealing and so on. It uses modern PLC control technology, servo drive technology, pneumatic and vacuum technology to accurately complete the packing function. The machine can be operated with touch screen. Touch screen settings. This product can adjust the specifications, within the specified range of intuitive and reliable, and expand according to customer demand, with the front-end strapping machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, heat shrink and other equipment, back-end can be increased according to user requirements Flip institutions and Power drum line, and large box labeling machine and automatic baler connection.
◆ The machine is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetic and other light industry and other industries packing.
◆ PLC control, man-machine interface operation, with automatic counting, automatic palletizing, automatic out of the box, automatic packing, automatic sealing and other functions.
◆ Automatic palletizing system: according to the size of the box and palletizing way adjustment.
◆ Packing speed: no less than 3 boxes per minute. Out of the box mechanism are used servo drive mechanism, stable and reliable.
◆ With automatic release liner, certificate.


Packing range


Way of working

Servo, pneumatic

Carton type

American - style cartons

Sealing material

Tape, hot-melt adhesives

Energy consumption parameter

Working power 380V / 50Hz Control power supply 24V

Gas consumption parameter

Air supply pressure> 0.6MPa Compression consumption 800L / min

Performance parameters

Parameters: 10 boxes / min according to product specifications

Time of conversion

10-15 min min







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