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Market demand Promote drug cartoning machine onto the road of automation

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With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the types of pharmaceuticals and dosage forms are increasing, and the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging are becoming more diversified and individualized. This has prompted the drug cartoning machine to become more and more favored by all kinds of pharmaceutical enterprises, development of. In particular, a variety of multi-function automatic drug cartoning machine is more and more enterprises to accept and application.

It is understood that China's first automatic cartoning machine is imported from the mid-seventies of the automatic automatic cartoning machine, but because at that time the domestic packaging materials and kits can not be processed, such as machine packaging requirements, so the machine Has not been widely used. Until 80 years later, the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and other aspects of the technology has made significant progress, automatic cartoning began to be a comprehensive application. 90 years, the domestic automatic cartoning machine began to break the monopoly of foreign products market situation, began to be some domestic enterprises to use, in particular, made automatic cartoning machine embarked on the road of development.

Over the past decade, domestic drug cartoning machine was a rapid growth, but the level of manufacturing research and development is still not compared with the international advanced, especially high-end products is very few. At present, the domestic pharmaceutical cartoning machine market share of only 30% of the role of the rest of the market are being carved up by imported products at present, many of the larger domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers are still using imported drug cartoning machine based.

The reason is mainly because of the low technical content of domestic cartoning machine, can not meet the requirements of pharmaceutical companies. From the industry point of view, mainly because the industry product repeatability is high and low-end products, small scale, research investment, research and development strength is weak.

Such a situation is bound to seriously affect the overall development of the industry, so some companies have been aware of the technological innovation, product innovation and the importance of. At present, the pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers began to strengthen the contact of various pharmaceutical companies, improve industry concentration, to promote the industry as a whole to advance.

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